The Morning Of Her Day

“The Morning Of Her Day”

Tells the story of a woman who saw a gravestone and became a writer. From  then on she became obsessed with the death and life of a seventeen year old servant girl hanged early in 19th century for the murder of her bastard child. There was no escape from the historical web that the myth, hearsay and fact weaved around her and the great change it brought about as she approached the middle years of her life. She took on the pain of a town that had carried a secret for over two hundred years; a town still divided in its loyalties to the dead girl even today. It would have been so easy to give up the search for the truth but the possibilities of a gross miscarriage of justice, albeit over 200 years ago, confirmed her beliefs that fair play should be available to all regardless of class.


First Published by Divine Books (1987) Second edition Darf Books Ltd (1990)

277, West End Lane, West Hampstead London NW6 1QS. Tel. 0207 4317009

ISBN 1   85077  221  5




“It is a haunting story which feminists have adopted as metaphor for the guilt imposed upon woman for the crimes of men”.

She Magazine.

 “A marvellously strange little book, vivid and moving”

Duncan Fallowell -, Novelist and Travel writer. 


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