Whatever Happened To TRIXIE SKYRME


Whatever Happened to Trixie Skyrme

Based on the true story of “the most unscrupulous and skilful

Adventuress Scotland Yard had ever set out to capture” 

After a lengthy trial at the Old Bailey in 1927, a young woman from Herefordshire appeared before London Recorder Sir Ernest Wilde charged with deception and conspiracy.  Sending her down for four and a half years penal servitude, he announced,  “The world in general and London Society in particular, is rid of one of the most remarkable and dangerous women of this or any other century.”  

Trixie Skyrme was barely twenty years old when she left the Hop Yards of Herefordshire for the Mansions of Mayfair to begin life as ‘grifter’, covering up her Herefordshire roots by claiming to have been born in Shanghai with the blue blood of the aristocracy running through her veins.  As she successfully conned her way through the rich and famous of Belgravia, money became her God, earning and spending a fortune until her final swindle five years later. Arrested and charged in a blaze of newspaper headlines, she was remanded in custody and sent to Holloway Prison to await her trial. Released in 1932 and undeterred by her long sentence, Trixie Skryme continued her life of criminal deception through and beyond the Second World War, until her death in 1951 at St. Georges Hospital, Knightsbridge, in suspicious circumstances.

PRESS RELEASE 24.05.2011.

Unscrupulous and dangerous Hereford adventuress features in new book.

A new novel charting the life of a Herefordshire con-woman  and her journey from the  hopyards of Hereford to the mansions of Mayfair has been published.

 Leominster-based author Jen Green has penned Whatever happened to Trixie Skyrme, based on the true story of a  20 year old Wellington-born woman who left Herefordshire in 1920 and then conned her way through the rich and famous of Belgravia. Trixie covered up her Herefordshire roots, claiming to have been born in Shanghai with the blue blood of the aristocracy running through her veins; she used her quick mind to scheme her way through London Society, earning  and spending a substantial fortune..

 Changing her name twice, her lifestyle eventually caught up with her and, after a lengthy trial at the Old Bailey in 1927, she grassed up her associates from the witness box. Charged with conspiriing to forge the will of Edwin Docker, a well-heeled elderly solicitor from Solihull, she pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four and a half years penal servitude at  Holloway Prison. After her release, she carried on her life of criminal deception until 1951 when she died in suspicious circumstances at St Georges hospital during the Festival of Britain.

Author Jen Green, whose first book was published in 1987, really brings to life the story of this incredible con-woman who, in the 1920’s netted around £40.000 in four years  from the rich and famous in London Society..

Journalist Alison Grange, who edited the book, said: “This is a really strong story of a young woman who had amazing charms. The parts of the novel set in prison are most touching and surprising and the book builds up to an exciting and mysterious ending. Jen is  an experienced freelance journalist, feature writer and occasional broadcaster and this really shows in how she develops her characters and makes the reader really care about what happens to them.

“Anyone who has listened to Jen give after-dinner speeches or public talks, knows she has plenty of wonderful stories and none are as captivating as this one,” she added.

Praising the book, international screenwriter Jane Hawksley confirmed.  “My first response is that the book is already very cinematic;visual, atmospheric and evocative with great dialogue.”

Jen works from her cottage  in Leominster and, if she ever gets the time, can be found watching cricket, at the cinema or putting the world to rights in the Blue Note Café bar.

‘Whatever Happened to Trixie Skyrme’ (ISBN 975-0-9537534-1-3) is published by Green Grass Enterprises, 5 Thomas Court, Green Lane, Leominster HR6 8QJ priced  £7.99. Distributed by the Welsh Book Service, it is available from book shops or direct from the publishers. For further information contact or email: jenpen@talktalk.net.



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