From Mill Girl To Model

1. From Mill Girl To Model – The Secret Life Of Aunt May 

In 1999 Jen Green received a package from her 83 year old aunt living in Bolton; it was not to be opened until after her death. Three months later, the aunt died and Jen Green, her trustee had to make the “arrangements” Before leaving for the North she recalled the package and discovered an address book of her aunt’s life time of lovers 27 in all and she wanted them all contacted. It was a hilarious event, leading to a life of a woman who loved but never lost and turned out to be LS Lowey’s missing life model. Of the 27 lovers 18 were contactable some had passed on and others turned up at the funeral neither knowing the other. This is the story of a wonderfully amusing woman who could still pull at 80, but for most of the latter part of her life she lived quietly (So we thought) in a sheltered housing scheme. From Mill Girl to Life Model and so much in between, Aunty May’s experiences range through wartime relationships with allied forces to fronting up for gay men in important positions. She was an aunt for all Seasons her remarkable, well lived life is delivered by Jen Green in her own amusing style full of promise for what ever the occasion.

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