Winging It! The Life And Times Of An Eleven Plus Failure


From her working class background and a basic education Jen Green joined the WRNS attached to the Fleet Air Arm. On leaving the service her career progressed through mechanical engineering before holding a senior position in University administration. A change of direction took her into executive management with the Family Planning Association where she researched and proved the need for family planning to be merged into the NHS. Ever ready for a new challenge, ¡n 1971 she accepted an invitation from The New Towns Development Corporation to set up a major arts complex in Berkshire this was followed by six months in New Zealand when she was engaged by a private consortium to report on the progress of arts and cultural facilities. Returning to Hampshire she led a campaign to save the local cottage hospital from NHS closure and turn it into a community care centre well before it became fashionable. In 1976, Jen moved to Mid Wales to research and write her first book, a successful Radio Four documentary / drama brought national interest in the story and she was featured in fourpage article in The Observer Magazine. Her book, ‘The Morning of Her Day’ was first published in 1987 and she was invited to talk about it on Woman’s Hour; it was later developed into a screen play. Since 1993 Jen has worked as a free-lance journalist, feature writer and occasional broadcaster and is currently working on a novel or two. Jen Green presents as a descriptive, witty and amusing speaker and her story sets out to show that the pathway to achievement is not always strewn with academic letters, and women really can be winners.

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