Funny Experiences In Family Planning


Jen Green worked in Senior management at the Family Planning Association in London for almost 4 years, her role, to justify free planning as part of the NHS, was perhaps the most amusing job of her career. For two years she visited some 1500 clinics in the UK, all managed and run by an army of female volunteers referred to as ‘lay-workers’ and that’s when the first smile appeared. She drew up a training program aimed at introducing new ideas to help the voluntary workers re-adjust to a new system of family planning services.  It was a journey filled with unforgettable, eye-opening and a hilarious experiences arising from the myths, misunderstandings and sometimes the mad responses to birth control, regardless of age and gender; that was almost thirty years ago, in many ways still relevant today. Delivered off the cuff in a grin and ‘can you bare it’ style, Jen Green mimics her way through the UK in a manner destined to send you home laughing, and reminding her audience that” it could have been you”.

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