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Jen Green at Waterstone
Jen Green at Waterstone

In 1972 I happened upon a gravestone in a small Welsh border town. Both moved and shocked by the long, detailed inscription, three years later I gave up a  comfortable life style in the Home Counties, sold my house in Hampshire and bought a small black and white  cottage on the High Street of the town. With my worldly goods  packed into the Pickford van and accompanied by my two cats I headed for Wales in my Green MG Midget, turned the ground floor into   a Coffee Shop, later referred to as the “Happy Nut” by a delightful band of locals lived over  the premises and became a writer. Life was never the same again.

 Determined to right a wrong, I took on the defence of a seventeen year old servant girl hanged in 1805 for the murder of her bastard child and despite some hostility and  years of research exposed a  gross a miscarriage of justice by a corrupt English legal system. In 1987 I  self-published my first book “The Morning of Her Day” selling the entire stock of 2500 books in less than a year. A second edition was published by a small publishing house in Knightsbridge, the film rights optioned and a screen play written.

From then on I occasionally picked up the pen and  later became a reporter on a local paper. Well, I had to pay the bills somehow. Eventually retirement approached,  I gave up the day job and challenged my self as a full time writer producing further books. Aided and abetted by constant requests for after dinner speeches and lunch time talks, I am still heading to places north south east and west a dozen or so times a year enjoying telling a good tale or two and meeting and making good friends with many interesting people along the way.

Will I eventually leave the pen in the ink pot for ever, I doubt it; I think at heart I was meant to be a story-teller. That’s how writing began and I look forward to the day when the publishing cartel recognises self publishers and literary agents take us on. These days, it’s a cleft stick situation. You rarely get a publisher without an agent and you cant get an agent without a publisher, unless you are  a scandalous footballer,  mistresses prepared to tell all, ghost-written stories of an  MP or two and the usual celebrities. Until it’s a closed book for entrance into the literary world of festivals, critics and radio and TV interviews; perhaps it’s time for a festival and a few prizes for  self-publishing.

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